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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Colleges are great at saying, “We have hundreds of scholarships available!” But that just provokes more questions: What is need-based financial aid? How do scholarships work?

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Ask the Admission Office

The college search process is so exciting! But it can give you a little tummy trouble, too.  Here’s everything you need to know about college visits from a parent’s perspective.

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Build Lasting Relationships

Building lasting relationships is the key to a successful college experience. And it starts the minute your child sets foot on campus. Did you know that building relationships can also impact your college money outcomes?

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What to Do When Your Child Wants You to Be a Helicopter Parent During the College Search

Here’s something I witnessed in the admission office many, many times: Parents playing an active role in the college search. It’s natural, right? We worked with families, not just students. What happens when the student wants you to do it all? I saw a lot of this:...

Why Planning for Multiple Kids in College Can Be Exciting!

Two kids (or more) in college at the same time. What are your immediate thoughts and feelings when you think about this?  Do you feel excitement for the years ahead? Sad at the idea of being an empty nester? Do you feel a deep spike of fear when you consider how...

How to Help Your Soon-to-Be Freshman Navigate Options for this Fall

I loved move-in day at our college. As admission counselors, we’d walk around the campus with our list of students. We’d find them in their assigned residence halls and welcome them as they lugged their futons and TVs from the car. We shook hands with their grinning...

How to Launch Your Rising Senior’s Successful College Search Right Now

It’s almost senior year! What an exciting time to get started on the college search!  I’m getting questions from families about whether it’s too late to launch a full-scale college search right as a rising senior. (Grrrr… COVID-19!) (By the way, I used to use the...

How to Save for College AND for Other Things You Really Want

I vividly remember working with a student whose dad said, “Whaddya mean, it costs $XX,XXX for my daughter to go to college? I’m not giving up golf and vacations!” He was joking, he was joking. (I think.) At any rate, I know that on some level, just about everyone can...
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