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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Colleges are great at saying, “We have hundreds of scholarships available!” But that just provokes more questions: What is need-based financial aid? How do scholarships work?

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Ask the Admission Office

The college search process is so exciting! But it can give you a little tummy trouble, too.  Here’s everything you need to know about college visits from a parent’s perspective.

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Build Lasting Relationships

Building lasting relationships is the key to a successful college experience. And it starts the minute your child sets foot on campus. Did you know that building relationships can also impact your college money outcomes?

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Test Optional, Test Flexible and Test Blind: What the Heck’s the Difference?

This year, college application season feels like you’re a sloth. You finally move three inches, then get sizzled on a power line.  You should see the questions on college Facebook groups I belong to.  One parent just posted, “My daughter is a senior and her Sept...

How to Navigate Virtual College Tours — and Rock ‘Em!

You’re crazy-busy. You’re barely keeping up with your work and home load. Your brain fog bests you on your best day. You simply don’t have time to go on college visits and (admit it!) you’re a teensy bit excited that virtual tours are in. You can wear your hideous...

Parents: How to Help with the College Essay — Without Taking Over

It’s essay season!  Itching to get your hands on your student’s application essay? Just once? Don’t do it.  Your child’s essay may be deeply personal. Unless your child offers you a share in the review, remain as hands-off during this process as possible....

The Complete (De-Stressed!) Guide to Organizing College Applications

Pulling your hair out because your child won’t get going with college applications? Or maybe it’s tricky to get the application deadlines organized, the essays written, understanding the types of college applications…  Okay, you know what? Let’s not overwhelm you...

Questions to Ask Colleges and How to Get A+ Answers

Time to put a zip in your step, folks! Are you ready to transform into a savvy prospective parent? What do savvy prospective parents do? They ask excellent questions. One family asked me such difficult questions in the admission office that I gave them an “A+” for...
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