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How to get a debt free degree if your child is in high school

Here’s how! 


Step 1:

Download our helpful free guide.

Ready to help your child not only find the perfect college fit, but skip lifelong school debt?

(Who wouldn’t want that?)

This free guide will get you started on the right path, even if your child is in high school right now.

Step 2:

Book a free discovery call.

Get 1:1 help with your exact struggles with the college process, paying for college, navigating financial aid awards and more! It’s your time to chat about whatever’s bugging you or your child about the process. Come away after our 15-minute meeting with your next concrete step.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Colleges are great at saying, “We have hundreds of scholarships available!” But that just provokes more questions: What is need-based financial aid? How do scholarships work?

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Ask the Admission Office

The college search process is so exciting! But it can give you a little tummy trouble, too.  Here’s everything you need to know about college visits from a parent’s perspective.

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Build Lasting Relationships

Building lasting relationships is the key to a successful college experience. And it starts the minute your child sets foot on campus. Did you know that building relationships can also impact your college money outcomes?

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Hi! I’m Melissa.

My goal is to help you along the college journey with one goal in mind: To smash costs to smithereens.

Let’s go!

I’m a longtime undergraduate admission professional, personal finance writer, editor, wife and parent of two (very!) busy kiddos. 

I hatched my site after listening to hundreds of families’ needs and wants. They all have one goal — to match a dream college with an even dreamier price tag. Believe it or not, it’s not a unicorn, pie-in-the-sky, once-in-a-million occurrence.

Your child CAN get a bachelor’s degree without paying for it forever.

I know because I’ve seen it, lived it and watched students pay for college — hundreds of students.

You can be comfortable with college costs.

Let me show you how.


Wiersema family

Melissa did a great job working with Ashley. She was detailed with her work and was willing to help Ashley achieve her goals. 

Melissa was a listening ear and someone to turn to, and it’s partly due to Melissa’s caring heart that Ashley finished her bachelor’s degree in athletic training. 

Melissa’s compassion and detailed work is exceptional. She can work with any family (and any student working toward any goal).

— Beth and Dale Wiersema, Illinois 

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