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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Colleges are great at saying, “We have hundreds of scholarships available!” But that just provokes more questions: What is need-based financial aid? How do scholarships work?

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Ask the Admission Office

The college search process is so exciting! But it can give you a little tummy trouble, too.  Here’s everything you need to know about college visits from a parent’s perspective.

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Build Lasting Relationships

Building lasting relationships is the key to a successful college experience. And it starts the minute your child sets foot on campus. Did you know that building relationships can also impact your college money outcomes?

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Hi! I’m Melissa.

My goal is to help you along the college journey with one goal in mind: To simplify it.

 Let’s go!

I’m a longtime admission professional, personal finance writer, editor, wife and parent of two (very!) busy kiddos. 

I hatched my site after listening to hundreds of families’ needs and wants, trekking to dozens of college fairs. I know I have the solution to your head-scratching questions.

I know the college visit process can get simpler.

Let me show you how.




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