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My name is Melissa and I’m a longtime admission professional, personal finance writer, editor  and parent of two (very!) busy kiddos. I couldn’t make it all happen without my husband, Steve.

I hatched my site because I’ve heard so many head-scratching questions from parents. I’ve journeyed in the footsteps of hundreds of families, trekked to dozens of college fairs and even weighed the (billions?) of college savings options for my own two kiddos.

Get the Back-to-School Steps You Need to Know!

by | Aug 10, 2020 | Ask the admission office | 0 comments

Everyone, you NEED this checklist.

If you have a college-bound student (no matter what age!) and you’re not sure how to launch the college search, get the free College Money Tips checklist.

Check out the back to school college tips below.

It’s free! Click on the image below and you’ll have it in your hands in no time!

Get the can't-miss back-to-school checklist!
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